Paul Hurley Receives James F. Gavin Award

20171019_213531Congratulations to Paul Hurley, IBEW Local 2222 Membership Assistance Counselor, who was awarded the 2017 James F. Gavin Award from the Gavin Foundation.  Paul works countless hours helping those in need.  Whether it’s in his role as our M.A.P. Counselor, or answering a call at any hour, to help anyone in trouble, Paul always goes above and beyond, treating all he encounters with dignity and respect.  Paul exemplifies the message at the entrance to the Gavin Houe – There are no strangers here, just friends you haven’t met yet.  That is Paul Hurley – a friend to all.  20171019_213957(1)

The Gavin Foundation is a nonprofit agency providing comprehensive adult, youth and community substance abuse education, prevention and treatment programs. Established in South Boston in 1963, The Gavin Foundation now serves over 5,000 individuals each year from Massachusetts and beyond. 


 Thank You, Paul, for all of your hard work with our members, their families, and anyone seeking help!