Help Save WBZ 1030 Radio

New owner iHeartRadio refuses to honor union contracts

For generations, WBZ 1030-AM has provided unparalleled news coverage, fresh content, and critical local and regional public information to listeners across Boston, New England, and beyond. We are deeply concerned that WBZ’s recent acquisition by iHeartMedia is poised to undermine a critical public service to citizens who rely on WBZ for critical content.

We are troubled that iHeartRadio has informed employees that it “will not be assuming the two collective bargaining agreements between CBS Radio” and the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). This action threatens not only the livelihood of critical WBZ on- and off-air staff but stands to greatly diminish the quality of the news and public opinion product that we depend on.

Let there be no mistake: if iHeartMedia guts the WBZ Newsroom, we will tune out–and we will actively seek alternatives to products and services offered by WBZ advertisers.

WBZ workers have institutional knowledge and a deep passion for the region. New Englanders rely on WBZ’s commitment to fair journalism, holding the powerful accountable, dissemination of critical public information, and critical analysis. At a time when Americans care deeply about where their news and information is coming from, watering down this important New England institution would have grave consequences for the region.

We urge you to make it clear to iHeartMedia that you will not tolerate the destruction of an important New England institution.