Help Protect Good Jobs at WGBH

SEIU / 32BJ Supported us during our strikes with Verizon – Now they need our help!

seiu_securityYour help is needed today to protect good jobs at WGBH!

Recently, SEIU/32BJ discovered that WGBH, the PBS member TV station in Boston, decided to change its contract for security services from a responsible union contractor to a company called McGarr—a  non-union security contractor believed to pay their officers as low as $12 an hour in Boston. Last week, 7 security officers were given less than two days’ notice that they would lose their jobs as of Friday, June 1. Despite our outreach directly to WGBH explaining the negative impact of selecting McGarr as their security contractor, they have remained committed to their decision.

SEIU/32BJ needs your help to make sure WGBH does the right thing! Please call WGBH President and CEO Jon Abbott at (617) 300-2441 NOW to demand they hire a responsible contractor and bring these 7 security officers back to work.

Sample Script:

My name is (            ). I am a member of the Boston community, a listener
(if true) and a donor to WGBH (if true). I am calling because I am outraged that WGBH chose to bring in a new security contractor that led to officers losing their jobs with two days’ notice and overall wages for the same positions to be lowered. WGBH should hire a responsible contractor and make sure the previous officers are brought back to work.

Make your call to WGBH to protect good security jobs at their Brighton office today! This is happening at the same time as 2,500 Boston area security officers negotiate their next collective bargaining agreement with responsible security contractors. As we work together to win a path to better jobs for thousands of working families, we expect more from a community leader like WGBH.

Thanks for your help. Please email SEIU/32BJ at to report how your call went.