Elections Matter – Especially When We Can Re-Elect Our Own Member to the Massachusetts Senate

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Dear Members,
Your participation and contributions to the COPE fund have been vitally important during negotiations, and while our legislative issues have been debated at the State House.   The COPE fund has allowed us to accomplish so much at the Massachusetts State House as well as Washington, DC and we are so grateful for your support and participation.  Together we have actually worked to get one of our own, Paul Feeney, Chief Steward, elected to the Massachusetts Senate.  This is incredibly important to Local 2222 and all of our locals across Massachusetts.    Winning elections is not easy, it takes a great candidate who understands our issues, volunteer hours and contributions to succeed.  The COPE fund has donated the maximum amount allowed and now we need your help.  If every member could donate $22.22 to Paul’s re-election campaign it could make the difference between winning and losing. 
Our Chief Steward, Paul Feeney is just 5 DAYS away from Election Day.  After months of hard work, he is now in the final days of a tough re-election fight.   
PAUL NEEDS OUR HELP TO WIN THIS ELECTION! This our chance to show our solidarity and support his campaign and make sure he wins on Tuesday. 


With our help, we can send Paul back to the State House!  
In Solidarity, 
Myles Calvey