Safety First

No job is so important and no service so urgent that we cannot take the time to perform our work safely.

Safety 1stIt has come to the Union’s attention that some managers are encouraging technicians to work with customers at the customer’s home or business location to pull cable/wire. Absolutely unequivocally, no technician should be working with a customer.

We don’t have workers-compensation for customers, nor are you covered if the customer is injured.

If any manager is encouraging you to work with a customer, please contact your steward or call the Union office at 617-929-6000 to stop this practice.

Also, we still have members using vehicles that have not been properly cleaned. If you swap from your regular vehicle to another vehicle please make sure someone is aware. Notify your steward or call the Union office. If members are moving from vehicle to vehicle they should be in a safe condition.

Verizon has also announced its intention to return soon to performing work in customer premises. While we understand the company has to transition back towards “normal business”, if you are assigned a job where you feel unsafe, notify your manager immediately, and call your steward or the Union office if you have any problems.