With the upcoming retirement offer (EIPP) by VZ, there will be Retirement Planning Webinars offered by the following Financial Planners:

Scarborough Alliance:

For more information CLICK HERE, and to register please CLICK HERE.

A Message from Steve Raymond at Scarborough Alliance

Dear IBEW Member, 

We are pleased to share this copy of our recent webinar: Retirement Income and Investment Planning.  If you are interested, you can access the slides and recording, CLICK HERE .

We also invite you to fill out this brief survey to let us know what you thought about the event and what topics we should cover in the future.

Here are commonly asked questions from IBEW members who have attended previous workshops.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your situation, please contact me at (978) 239-6999.

Thanks again,


The Quincy Group:

Join Dan McCarthy in an important and informative webinar regarding the current EIPP. 

Can you afford to Retire?
How do you take Severance?
Should you take Lump Sum or Pension?
For over 18 years Dan has worked closely with VZ retirees, developing individual Retirement Income Plans. Having a brother in the Warwick, RI location and a nephew in the local 2322, Dan takes a personal approach to your retirement.
Below is an introduction video to “meet” Dan as well as links to register for the upcoming webinar(s).