VZ Vaccine Mandate Update

Update – While the vaccine mandate is on hold while the issue is being argued in the Federal Court, VZ’s requirement to submit vaccination status remains in place, and employees should comply.

On October 14, 2021, Verizon notified IBEW & CWA of its intent to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for the unionized workforce unless an individual has a medical or religious exemption. The Company cited safety of employees and customers and the need to comply with federal, state, local, and customer requirements.

IBEW & CWA requested to bargain over the effects that a mandate may have on our members. On November 16, 2021, the Company presented a Last Best Final offer, which included modifications based on the Union’s counter proposals to Verizon, including extending the deadline for Verizon’s vaccine requirement for the unionized workforce to February 1, 2022. The Unions made a counter-proposal to the Company’s last best final offer which was rejected. Today, Verizon informed IBEW & CWA the parties are at an impasse and that they intend to impose the terms outlined in their Last Best Final offer.

The following are some of the key aspects of the Company’s last offer:

  • January 4th:
    • Submit proof of vaccination, or apply for a legally recognized religious or medical accommodation
  • February 1st:
    • Fully vaccinated and submit proof
    • Have an approved or review pending accommodation 
  • Failure to Comply:
    • Placed on 60 day unpaid leave
    • During this leave, if you prove full vaccination you return to work
    • During this leave, if you prove partial vaccination you return to work and follow safety protocols
      • You will have 6 weeks from 1st dose to get 2nd dose and be fully vaccinated
    • During leave, if you do not do anything you will be separated after 60 days
  • Partial Vaccination by Feb 1st:
    • Continue working under safety protocols
    • Need to be fully vaccinated within 6 weeks of Feb 1st
    • If you do not have 2nd dose in 6 weeks then place on 60 day unpaid leave
  • Apply for Legal Accommodation:
    • If an accommodation is denied or expires you will be placed on 60 day unpaid leave
  • Up to 4 hours paid time off for 1st or 2nd dose of vaccine
    • If there is an adverse reaction to vaccine and test is needed, paid time off will be granted by the company
  • Lose your Proof of Vaccine:
    • Company will consider extending timelines as long as there is a good faith effort to obtain proof of vaccine
  • Company will secure vaccine records and keep separate from personnel records
  • Fully Vaccinated is currently defined as 2 weeks after a 2 dose vaccine or 2 weeks after a 1 dose vaccine
  • Company will provide periodic reports to the Union on vaccine status, approved, denied or pending accommodation requests
  • If Government vaccine requirements change the Company will discuss with the Union.


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