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IBEW Local 2222 & System Council T-6 Endorse Shannon Liss-Riordan for US Senate

shannon1Shannon Liss-Riordan, Democrat running for the U.S. Senate, received the first labor endorsements of the 2020 campaign for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts. The endorsements come from members of the IBEW System Council T-6 which include IBEW Local 2222, IBEW Local 2321, IBEW Local 2322, IBEW Local 2323, IBEW Local 2324, and IBEW Local 2325.

“Receiving these endorsements from the working men and women of six IBEW locals, especially this early in the campaign, means the world to me,” said Shannon Liss-Riordan.

“I have always fought alongside working people, taking on big challenges, and I am so proud that the working people of the IBEW Council T-6 are standing with me. I am blown away by their willingness to back an outsider who believes that we need to break the cycle of politics in Washington.”

“Shannon’s long history of taking on powerful corporations, and winning, is the kind of experience our members need fighting for them every day in the United State Senate,” said Myles Calvey, Chairman of the IBEW System Council T-6 and Business Manager of IBEW Local 2222. “We are proud to offer the first labor endorsement of a candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts.”

This endorsement comes just four weeks after Liss-Riordan launched her campaign for the United State Senate. The IBEW locals in the System Council T-6 represent over 5,000 telephone workers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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VZ Tuition Assistance Program Changes

Beginning July 1st, 2019 GP Strategies will be the new Tuition Assistance Program administrator for Verizon employees, replacing EdAssist.

In order to prepare for this transition, the Tuition Portal will not be available from June 15 through June 30, 2019.

During this period, employees won’t be able to submit new applications, grades, documentation, update applications or submit reimbursement requests. Also, EdAssist will not be issuing any payments, reimbursements or Letters of Credit during this time.

There will be a grace period following this systematic conversion for those administrative transactions that were due during this time.

In this regard, a communication will be sent out to those employees that have participated in the Tuition Reimbursement Program (TAP) within the past twelve (12) months that will provide administrative information and TAP portal requirements as well as instructions during this vendor transition.

Why We Wear Red on Thursdays

It has been a tradition of IBEW 2222 to wear red on Thursdays as a sign of solidarity. But like all attempts to show strength, if they fail they can show weakness.

These days it seems as if some members wear red on Thursdays and some members don’t. Maybe some think it’s silly or unimportant.

To those members, let us remind you of where the tradition began, and why we continue it today.

In 1989 the IBEW and CWA held a 16 week strike in order to maintain the health benefits that we all enjoy today. During that strike many people made sacrifices, but two members, Buzzy Farren from IBEW 2222 and Gerry Horgan from CWA 1103 sacrificed their lives. Both were killed during the strike, and IBEW & CWA began to wear red, symbolizing the blood that was shed in our struggle.

This responsibility of wearing red on Thursdays should not be taken lightly. It is our way of showing our solidarity, and it is our way to show that we do not and will not forget our brothers. They laid down their lives for us – the least we can do is remember them by wearing red on Thursdays.

So let’s hold each other accountable.
This should not be considered optional.


Retiree Club Meeting

Wednesday, June 19th, 11 AM – 3 PM
McKeon Post 4 Hilltop St, Dorchester

Italian Buffet Lunch will be served

$35 Membership Fee will be collected (For Spouse/Significant Other please add $10)

Elections will take place for the following positions:
– President
– Treasurer
– Secretary
– 5 Council Member Positions

In order to run for one of the positions you must:
– Be a Retiree Club Member
– Be present at the June 19th meeting
– Have internet access
– Notify Ginny Rossi at with your name and phone number, by June 1st

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