State House Employee Union

“If there’s not room for everyone at the table then we simply build a bigger table! “
Senate President Spilka, April 1, 2019, Greater Boston Labor Council Breakfast

The hard-working Massachusetts State House Employees do a great job every day, putting in long hours to ensure the people of the Commonwealth are well represented.  They deserve better for their efforts, and IBEW Local 2222 agrees and wants to help.

IBEW Local 2222 has a long history of ensuring employees have a voice in the workplace.  As our Mission Statement makes clear, “The entire IBEW 2222 family, the general membership, along with the officers, staff and our leadership team, are united in the notion that ‘United We Bargain, Divided We Beg’, and we mean it.

And when we say we represent our members, we mean all of our members.  In 1996 IBEW Local 2222 was and still is proud to be the first local to guarantee healthcare coverage for Domestic Partners. 

We are proud of our history, and that pride shows through our involvement in the community and charitable organizations we are involved with.  From pizza parties, nights at the movies, amusement park outings, and holiday parties for the kids at our adopted charity, Housing Families, to our support of programs such as Project D.E.E.P  the Dorchester Educational Enrichment Program, and W.I.L.D. the Women’s Institute for Leadership Development,  IBEW Local 2222 is proud to lend a helping hand. 

That is what being a part of the labor family is all about, and we’d love to have you be a part of our family.

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