Committee On Political Education

Brendan Keogh

Michael Donahue
Vice Chairman

Martin Sweeney

Matthew Lyons
Recording Secretary

The primary function of the Local 2222 Committee On Political Education (C.O.P.E.) is to elect men and women who aggressively work for pro-worker legislation.

The public leaders we elect to office make decisions that affect our lives. These lawmakers shape the laws that govern us, the taxes we pay and the services our government provides. By taking a lead role in federal, state, municipal and local elections, collectively, the labor movement can elect more pro-union candidates and subsequently create a more pro-worker political climate in the Commonwealth.

                   Attention Quincy members of IBEW 2222

   The six Quincy Democratic Ward Committees will caucus together on the morning of Saturday February 15th at the Quincy High School 8;30 a.m. to select delegates and alternative delegates to the 2020 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention to be held in Lowell on May 30th. Please support Joe Kennedy with your vote.

                      Presidential Primary for Massachusetts

                                                 March 3rd


             I.B.E.W. 2222 is proud to endorse Bernie Sanders


                     Special State Senate Election March 3rd

IBEW 2222 is proud to endorse fellow union member ( Local 4 IUEC ) John Mahoney.

John is running for Massachusetts State Senate seat in the Plymouth-Barnstable District.