Committee On Political Education

Brendan Keogh


Michael Donahue
Vice Chairman

Martin Sweeney


Matthew Lyons
Recording Secretary

The primary function of the Local 2222 Committee On Political Education (C.O.P.E.) is to elect men and women who aggressively work for pro-worker legislation.

The public leaders we elect to office make decisions that affect our lives. These lawmakers shape the laws that govern us, the taxes we pay, and the services our government provides. By taking a lead role in federal, state, municipal and local elections, collectively, the labor movement can elect more pro-union candidates and subsequently create a more pro-worker political climate in the Commonwealth.

IBEW 2222 Cope’s monthly meeting starts at 5 p.m. on Union Night

Our next meeting is on November 3rd


To volunteer on this campaign or to get involved with the IBEW 2222 C.O.P.E. Committee
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The following candidates were endorsed




 City Council-at-Large races


Michael Flaherty                                                  Ruthzee Louijeune

Erin Murphy                                                        Bridget Nee-Walsh


District City Council races


District 1 Lydia Edwards                                        District 2 Ed Flynn                           District 3 Frank Baker

District 4 Brian Worrell                                          District 6 Mary Tamer





Town Council Charlie Ryan                                                              District 1 Town Council Julia Flaherty




Mayor Carlo DeMaria




City Council Adam Knight




School Committee

Courtney Perdios

City Council-at-Large

Noel DiBona                    Nina Liang               Anne Mahoney     

City Council

Ward 2 Steve Perdios     

Ward 4 Brian Palmucci




City Council Ira Novoselsky



Mayor Katjana Ballantyne



City Council Fred Happell                           City Council Greg Shanahan                     Precinct 6 Ed Hancock