Siemens Medical

October 15, 2021 – New Contract Ratified 

Congratulations to our Siemens Imaging Group Members, who have overwhelmingly ratified a new 4-year Collective Bargaining Agreement. This new contract will run through September 30, 2025, and can be viewed HERE.


Clarification to the morning calls out policy:  

  • CSE’s are required to have their cell phones and PRISM devices on 60 minutes prior to the start of their shift.
  • Dispatch may contact the CSE within 45 minutes prior to the start of the shift in order to initiate the CSE traveling toward a service event.
  • Dispatching a CSE prior to this 45minute window requires ASM approval. ASM approval is also required if a CSE is being asked to contact the customer prior to the start of their shift, contacting and working with the customer prior to the scheduled work shift will be an overtime condition.


Clarification to the 45-minute travel policy:

  •  If you start your day in an overtime condition, then all travel prior to normal work shift will be overtime.


A number of members have had questions recently about viewing their personnel files.  This is covered under Article 21.3 of our Contract.  To view the Siemens CBA (contract) Please Click Here