VZ Changing Short Term Disability Vendor

On January 1, 2018, Verizon will be changing from MetLife to Sedgewick for the administration of all short-term disability claims.

Here’s what will happen:

For current and new claims filed through December 31, 2017:

  • Continue to work with MetLife
  • Claims will automatically be transferred to Sedgewick
  • If you have an open claim, Sedgewick will send you a letter in December confirming the transfer of your claim and outlining any additional actions you might need to take.

For claims beginning January 1, 2017:

  • Initiate disability claims with Sedgewick
  • Use the existing phone number to file a claim 800-638-4228
  • Use the new fax number for supporting disability documents 859-264-4384
  • Information about Sedgwick will be posted on the About You section of the Eweb
  • Requirements for initiating disability claims remain the same


We will provide more information as it becomes available, and will add the Sedwick paperwork to our website before January 1st.



AFL-CIO Scholarships

IBEW Local 2222 has two scholarships available through the Massachusetts AFL-CIO.  These scholarships are available to active employees who have High School Seniors planning to attend college.  The applications need to be submitted no later than December 15, 2017.

The students need to make their guidance counselor/scholarship counselor aware that they are applying for the scholarship.

A test will be given on February 7, 2018 in their school during the first period of the morning.  The test is on the Massachusetts Labor Movement.  A study guide is available for download by clicking here.

Please call Donna Berry at the 2222 offices to be sure the application is verified.  Donna can be reached at 617-929-6010.

Help Save WBZ 1030 Radio

New owner iHeartRadio refuses to honor union contracts

For generations, WBZ 1030-AM has provided unparalleled news coverage, fresh content, and critical local and regional public information to listeners across Boston, New England, and beyond. We are deeply concerned that WBZ’s recent acquisition by iHeartMedia is poised to undermine a critical public service to citizens who rely on WBZ for critical content.

We are troubled that iHeartRadio has informed employees that it “will not be assuming the two collective bargaining agreements between CBS Radio” and the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). This action threatens not only the livelihood of critical WBZ on- and off-air staff but stands to greatly diminish the quality of the news and public opinion product that we depend on.

Let there be no mistake: if iHeartMedia guts the WBZ Newsroom, we will tune out–and we will actively seek alternatives to products and services offered by WBZ advertisers.

WBZ workers have institutional knowledge and a deep passion for the region. New Englanders rely on WBZ’s commitment to fair journalism, holding the powerful accountable, dissemination of critical public information, and critical analysis. At a time when Americans care deeply about where their news and information is coming from, watering down this important New England institution would have grave consequences for the region.

We urge you to make it clear to iHeartMedia that you will not tolerate the destruction of an important New England institution.



Please Vote Tuesday, November 7th

IBEW 2222 believes that we must continually seek candidates that support organized labor at all levels of public office, especially those in the local communities in which we live and work.

We ask you to “connect the dots” on the issues that matter to workers and our families.  Whether we find ourselves on strike again and seeking unemployment benefits, fighting for more work in our industry by insisting that FiOS be deployed in every city and town or trying to advance legislation that protects our work; we will be relying on our elected officials to support our efforts. Simply, elections matter.  

Candidates have been vetted, voting records and backgrounds considered and questions asked and answered.  The following candidates are clearly the best choice for local 2222 members, retirees, and our families and have been endorsed by the COPE committee.

Please vote on Tuesday, November 7th

Martin J. Walsh  Mayor
Lydia EdwardsCity Council - District 1
Ed FlynnCity Council - District 2
Frank BakerCity Council - District 3
Timothy McCarthyCity Council - District 5
Matt O'MalleyCity Council - District 6
Kim JaneyCity Council - District 7
Ayanna PressleyCity Council - At Large
Michael FlahertyCity Council - At Large
Michelle WuCity Council - At Large
Annissa Essaibi GeorgeCity Council - At Large
Michael FlahertyCity Council - At Large
Richard HardingCity Council
Marc McGovernCity Council
Jeff SantosCity Council
Denise SimmonsCity Council
Paul TonerCity Council
Fred FantiniSchool Committee
Brian LaPierreCity Council - At Large
Jerry LeoneCity Council - Ward 6
Stephanie BurkeMayor
Adam KnightCity Council
Noel DiBonaCity Council - At Large
Anne MahoneyCity Council - At Large
Michael HurleyCity Council - Ward 4
Brian PalmucciCity Council - Ward 6
Doug GutroSchool Committee
Steve MorrabitoCity Council - At Large
John CorregioCity Council - At Large
Peyton CorbettMayor
Matt McLaughlinAlderman - Ward 1
Jesse ClinganAlderman - Ward 4
Fred HappelCity Council - At Large


Paul Hurley Receives James F. Gavin Award

20171019_213531Congratulations to Paul Hurley, IBEW Local 2222 Membership Assistance Counselor, who was awarded the 2017 James F. Gavin Award from the Gavin Foundation.  Paul works countless hours helping those in need.  Whether it’s in his role as our M.A.P. Counselor, or answering a call at any hour, to help anyone in trouble, Paul always goes above and beyond, treating all he encounters with dignity and respect.  Paul exemplifies the message at the entrance to the Gavin Houe – There are no strangers here, just friends you haven’t met yet.  That is Paul Hurley – a friend to all.  20171019_213957(1)

The Gavin Foundation is a nonprofit agency providing comprehensive adult, youth and community substance abuse education, prevention and treatment programs. Established in South Boston in 1963, The Gavin Foundation now serves over 5,000 individuals each year from Massachusetts and beyond. 


 Thank You, Paul, for all of your hard work with our members, their families, and anyone seeking help! 



Congratulations Senator Feeney


We say all the time how important it is to have friends in political offices.  Now, after Paul Feeney’s victory Tuesday, we have not only another friend at the State House, but a card carrying member of IBEW 2222 in the Massachusetts State Senate.

Paul’s message throughout the campaign was clear – Politics as usual is no longer acceptable – and it resonated throughout the district.  We here at Local 2222 have seen first hand Paul’s passion and dedication at work, and we look forward to seeing him continue that work in the Massachusetts State Senate.

VZ Benefits Open Enrollment

2018 VZ Annual Open Enrollment October 10 – 19, 2017

Please take the time to review your health and dental coverage options.  Health Care Spending Account, Dependent Day Care Spending Account, and Life Insurance options should also be reviewed.  Please also verify your beneficiary information is up to date.

For more information visit the Verizon Benefits Connection website or call 855-489-2367.



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