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Emergency Backup Care Reimbursement

Effective Saturday, May 16, 2020, Bright Horizons will no longer be the administrator for the Emergency Backup Care Reimbursement program.  This program provides reimbursement of up to $15 per hour, $100 per day, for backup care for dependent children, elder family members, adults with special needs, or other household members when there is a temporary breakdown in normal care arrangements, to allow employees to report to work.

Please CLICK HERE to read the program guidelines.
Please CLICK HERE to read the program FAQ.

To request a reimbursement you must be on a device connected to the VZ network.
Please CLICK HERE to request reimbursement.

Urge Your State Elected Officials to Support Vote by Mail

buttonDuring these unprecedented times, it is imperative that everyone has the opportunity to have their vote counted. IBEW 2222’s own, Senator Paul Feeney, has introduced a bill to ensure An Act for safe, healthy and inclusive elections.

We are asking all members in Massachusetts to please call your State Senator and ask them to support bill SB.2936, as well as your State Representative and ask them to support bill HB.5066.

If you are unsure who your elected officials are, please CLICK HERE to search.

Please call 617-722-2000 and ask to be transferred to your State Senator’s office and then your State Representative’s office and ask them to support SB.2936 & HB.5066.

Monthly Meeting Canceled / COPE Meeting via Conference Call

meeting-cancelledDue to the Covid-19 Pandemic, both the Morning Informational Meeting
Monthly Union Meeting
scheduled for Wednesday, May 6th
have been canceled.


Please Note – The COPE MEETING WILL BE HELD as scheduled via conference call on
Wednesday, May 6th at 5:30 PM. All members are welcome to join.
Call-in number: 605-472-5378 – For Access Code please call the Union Office.

Please call the Union office if you have any questions. Stay Safe – Hang Tough!

COVID-19 Agreements with Verizon Extended

The IBEW and Verizon have reached agreements to extend earlier COVID-19 agreements which protect our members, while at the same time maintaining our network and providing service to our customers. The following agreements have been extended:


We will continue to keep you updated as things change.  Please call the Union office with any questions or problems at 617-929-6000. HANG TOUGH!

Our Adopted Charities Need Our Help

We at IBEW Local 2222 are blessed to be working through these unprecedented times.
Please consider making a donation to one or both of these worthy charities.

Thank you for your contribution and be well.

Housing Families has continued serving over 200 families and children a week in our programs throughout the COVID-19 crisis. We are now seeing a drastic increase in the number of new families and community members struggling to meet basic needs. With resources becoming scarcer by the day, these families are at high risk of homelessness. They need our support now.

Housing Families created The HFI Family Fund to support community members harmed by the COVID-19 epidemic.

The HFI Family Fund provides flexible, direct assistance to families in need. The fund’s priorities during this time are to ensure that vulnerable families are able to meet essential needs and have access to financial assistance paying critical obligations such as utilities and rent; groceries, particularly food and disinfecting supplies; therapeutic outlets during this stressful time; academic and enrichment activities; and information and resources regarding the pandemic.

If there is one thing that this crisis has demonstrated, it is that we are all in this together. The well-being of one depends on the well-being of all.  You can make a donation by CLICKING HERE. Thank You!




bread of life logoThe mission of Bread of life is to strive to feed the hungry, the homeless, the needy and the isolated; to offer spiritual nurture, support, and hospitality; to promote greater peace and justice by addressing broader issues of hunger, poverty, and need; and to conduct our work in a spirit of respect and nonviolence.

Please, take a moment to donate whatever you can to help Bread of Life care for the neediest among us. You can make a donation by CLICKING HERE.  Thank You!

Local 2222 in partnership with Pisa Pizza of Malden, providing box lunches for Bread of Life.
Thank You, and please donate.




Verizon Employees – You can double your charitable donation by registering to have it matched by the company.

Please CLICK HERE to register for a VZ matching donation

2020 VZ Shareholder Proxies

Please take the time and exercise your right to vote the Verizon 2020 Proxy.  Voting can be done by mail or online.  All ballots must be received by Monday, May 4, 2020.

Inked2020 VZ Proxy_LI

IBEW 2222 recommends our members vote as follows:

Item 1 – Vote AGAINST all board members
Item 2 – Vote AGAINST executive compensation
Item 3 – Vote FOR ratification of auditor
Item 4 – Vote FOR
Item 5 – Vote FOR
Item 6 – Vote FOR
Item 7 – Vote FOR
Item 8 – Vote FOR


VZ Stock Together Award

Your 2020 Stock Together Award is here and viewable at Fidelity

Stock Together program is a broad-based equity award program that creates an opportunity for all of us to share in the success of Verizon and the value we help to create through a discretionary award of Verizon Restricted Stock Units (RSUs). Below, you will find information regarding your Stock Together grant, including what actions to take next.

  • Grant Date: March 2, 2020
  • Grant Date Price: $57.32
  • RSUs, payable in cash, that vest 1/3rd on March 2, 2021, 1/3rd on March 2, 2022 and 1/3rd on March 2, 2023 (subject to continued employment on each of the vesting dates)

You can access your award now at Fidelity by going to If you have not registered before, you can by clicking on “Register Now” under “New User?”. Once logged in, you may need to Activate your account first. If you need assistance with your account activation, please click here for a Fidelity guide. Once you have activated your account, you will be able to see your Award as well as the Grant Notice that comes with your award. You will be able to print copies of your Grant Notice which contain important information regarding plan terms.

If you have questions about your Stock Together Award, please contact If you have questions regarding your Fidelity account or NetBenefits, please contact Fidelity at 800.544.9354 or go to

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