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IBEW 40th International Convention Update – Lighting The Path to The Middle Class

Day 1 of the 40th International Convention saw the re-election of the IBEW Leadership. IBEW International President, Lonnie Stephenson, was elected unanimously to continue leading our great union forward.

IBEW International Secretary-Treasurer, Kenneth Cooper, and IBEW International Executive Council Chairman, Christopher Erikson, were also unanimously elected to continue leading the IBEW.

Stephenson’s re-election was for a second full term as International President. He first took office in 2015 when the IEC appointed him to fill the unexpired term of Edwin D. Hill and he was elected to his first full term at the 39th International Convention in 2016.

In accepting delegates’ trust in him for another term in office, Stephenson took the opportunity to shine the spotlight on others and express his deep gratitude to the membership for supporting his re-election. Nearly his entire speech was expressions of gratitude.

“Leading this union has been the honor of my life. This truly is the greatest union in the world and being part of it means everything to me,” he said. “Thank you for believing in me and giving me a chance to lead this great union once again as we continue to light the path to the middle class.”

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Myles Calvey Elected to IBEW IEC

This week, at the 40th IBEW International Convention in Chicago, IBEW Local 2222 Business Manager, Myles Calvey, has been re-elected to serve as the IBEW 2nd District Representative on the International Executive Council. Myles was first appointed to the IEC in 2005, elected in 2006, and re-elected at the next three IBEW International Conventions. Please join us in congratulating Myles.

Also at the Convention, Mike Monahan has been re-elected to serve as the IBEW 2nd District International Vice President. Please join us in congratulating Mike.

Local 2222’s Next Union Meetings Are Wednesday, June 1, 2022


Meeting Reminder –
  All regular monthly union meetings for local 2222 will be held on the 1st Wednesday each month:


Morning Informational Meeting – 8:30 AM via Zoom.  This virtual meeting is open to ALL members, especially those who work nights.

Executive Board Meeting – 1:00 PM at local 2222 offices.

C.O.P.E. Meeting – 5:00 PM at Boston Teacher’s Union Hall.

Monthly General Meeting – 6:00 PM at Boston Teacher’s Union Hall


Please stay informed and make every effort to attend.

VZ Bargaining Update

As you are aware, our current collective bargaining agreement with Verizon expires in August 2023. IBEW, CWA, and Verizon have agreed to enter into three weeks of early bargaining beginning May 16, 2022, to determine whether it is possible to agree on the terms of a contract extension. Any developments will be communicated as they become available. 

IBEW Recommendations for VZ Proxy Voting

The Verizon shareholder meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 12, 2022, in Irving Texas.  Registered shareholder or Verizon savings plan participants may vote one of three ways; online at, by telephone, or by mailing a proxy card.

To vote do one of the following

  • Visit and follow the instructions. You will need to enter information found on your proxy card or in your email notification. 
  • Call 1-800-652-VOTE (8683) and follow the instructions. You will need to provide information found on your proxy card or in your email notification. 
  • Mail the completed proxy card in the provided envelope. Remember to sign and date the proxy card.


Verizon Proxy Voting Recommendations

Item 1. Election of Directors
Recommendation: Vote your conscience

Item 2. Ratification of the Appointment of Ernst & Young as Independent Auditor
Recommendation: Vote against

Item 3. Advisory approval of executive compensation
Recommendation: Vote against

Item 4. Shareholder Proposal: Report on Charitable Contributions
Recommendation: Vote against

Item 5. Shareholder Proposal: Amend Senior Executive Compensation Clawback Policy
Recommendation: Vote for

Item 6. Shareholder Proposal: Shareholder Ratification of Executive Severance Packages
Recommendation: Vote for

Item 7. Business operations in China
Recommendation: Vote against


IBEW 2222 Organizes State House Senate Staffers

For the last three years, IBEW Local 2222 and staffers of the MA State Senate have been organizing for healthcare, fair wages, protections from sexual violence, measures to attract and retain diverse talent, and most importantly, a seat at the table with issues affecting their workplace.

We are officially going public as a union, and are asking for your support.
An organized Senate staff means talent retention, more diversity in the State Senate, better constituent services, and a better democracy for every single one of us. #IBEWlocal2222

Union Strong – A Better Way to Communicate With Our Members

We are excited to announce a new way to keep our members and retirees up to date on what’s happening at IBEW Local 2222 – The Union Strong App for your smartphone!

Please CLICK HERE to download the app.

Set up your account quickly and easily – all you need is your name, email, and zip code.

Please note –

  • None of your personal info will be shared or sold.
  • You will only receive messages from IBEW Local 2222.
  • There is no advertising.

Download the app and create your free account today.


Once you create your account, please choose all of the following that apply to you to ensure you get the correct messages from Local 2222:

VZ & VZB Active Members – Choose all 4 below:

All Other Active Members – Choose 1 & 2 below:

All Retirees – Choose 1 & 2 below:

1 – Company (VZ, VZB, Siemens, etc)

2 – Role (member, steward, retiree, etc)

3 – Job Title

4 – Work Headquarters (VZ & VZB members only)




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