Myles Calvey Elected to IBEW IEC

This week, at the 40th IBEW International Convention in Chicago, IBEW Local 2222 Business Manager, Myles Calvey, has been re-elected to serve as the IBEW 2nd District Representative on the International Executive Council. Myles was first appointed to the IEC in 2005, elected in 2006, and re-elected at the next three IBEW International Conventions. Please join us in congratulating Myles.

Also at the Convention, Mike Monahan has been re-elected to serve as the IBEW 2nd District International Vice President. Please join us in congratulating Mike.

VZ Bargaining Update

As you are aware, our current collective bargaining agreement with Verizon expires in August 2023. IBEW, CWA, and Verizon have agreed to enter into three weeks of early bargaining beginning May 16, 2022, to determine whether it is possible to agree on the terms of a contract extension. Any developments will be communicated as they become available. 

Union Strong – A Better Way to Communicate With Our Members

We are excited to announce a new way to keep our members and retirees up to date on what’s happening at IBEW Local 2222 – The Union Strong App for your smartphone!

Please CLICK HERE to download the app.

Set up your account quickly and easily – all you need is your name, email, and zip code.

Please note –

  • None of your personal info will be shared or sold.
  • You will only receive messages from IBEW Local 2222.
  • There is no advertising.

Download the app and create your free account today.


Once you create your account, please choose all of the following that apply to you to ensure you get the correct messages from Local 2222:

VZ & VZB Active Members – Choose all 4 below:

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VZ New England Work & Family Committee

The New England Work and Family is a joint committee comprised of Union and Company representatives and supported by funds obtained through contract negotiations with each Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Committee creates programs to assist members and employees with health and life issues. Current programs include:

Please visit for full program details.

Please note the updates to the following programs:

  • Dependent Care Reimbursement – Starting with the new program in May the household income limit to participate in this program will be raised from $175,000 to $200,000. 
  • Summer Camp – The household income level to participate in this program will be raised from $175,000 to $200,000. Also, the total reimbursement per child will be raised from $300.00 to $500.00
  • Health & Wellness – Starting January 2022 the six-month reimbursement will rise from $200.00 to $300.00.


Economic Justice is Racial Justice

Civil rights and worker rights go hand-in-hand, and we must institute tangible ways to expand opportunity and truly create the conditions that allow all Black workers to thrive.

By Darlene Lombos and Ayanna Pressley
Another Black History Month has passed, but the dignity, humanity, and contributions of Black communities must be recognized year-round. If the country’s resolve for change is to succeed, if we believe that Black Lives Matter, we must go beyond celebratory T-shirts, TV ads, and social media posts. We must recommit to our shared struggle. To truly address racial injustice in our country, employers must invest in Black workers in ways that are meaningful to Black workers, not just to a company’s reputation.
While big corporations spend billions of dollars to market themselves as diverse and inclusive, few invest the resources necessary to tackle the racial and economic inequities their employees face every day within the workplace.
Civil rights and worker rights go hand-in-hand, and there must be tangible ways to expand opportunity and create the conditions that allow all Black workers to thrive. That means embracing the fact that being pro-equity and pro-justice means being pro-worker, and that economic justice is racial justice.

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Stop Wage Theft in MA

The Problem

Wage theft has become business-as-usual. In our modern economy where bad employers increasingly use subcontracting and outsourcing deals to dodge responsibility for their workers, the epidemic of wage theft has overwhelmed the capacity of our existing labor laws and enforcement mechanisms.

The Solution

An act to prevent wage theft and promote employer accountability is a bill that will clarify who is ultimately responsible for upholding labor standards and also empower the Attorney General with additional tools to hold violators fully accountable to recover what is wrongfully taken from workers and the state.

Passing the bill will uplift low-wage workers and families: it will strengthen the state’s economy: and it will ensure Massachusetts remains the leader it has always been in passing strong labor laws and workplace protections.

2022-Wage Theft


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