Please Vote Tuesday, November 7th

IBEW 2222 believes that we must continually seek candidates that support organized labor at all levels of public office, especially those in the local communities in which we live and work.

We ask you to “connect the dots” on the issues that matter to workers and our families.  Whether we find ourselves on strike again and seeking unemployment benefits, fighting for more work in our industry by insisting that FiOS be deployed in every city and town or trying to advance legislation that protects our work; we will be relying on our elected officials to support our efforts. Simply, elections matter.  

Candidates have been vetted, voting records and backgrounds considered and questions asked and answered.  The following candidates are clearly the best choice for local 2222 members, retirees, and our families and have been endorsed by the COPE committee.

Please vote on Tuesday, November 7th

Martin J. Walsh  Mayor
Lydia EdwardsCity Council - District 1
Ed FlynnCity Council - District 2
Frank BakerCity Council - District 3
Timothy McCarthyCity Council - District 5
Matt O'MalleyCity Council - District 6
Kim JaneyCity Council - District 7
Ayanna PressleyCity Council - At Large
Michael FlahertyCity Council - At Large
Michelle WuCity Council - At Large
Annissa Essaibi GeorgeCity Council - At Large
Michael FlahertyCity Council - At Large
Richard HardingCity Council
Marc McGovernCity Council
Jeff SantosCity Council
Denise SimmonsCity Council
Paul TonerCity Council
Fred FantiniSchool Committee
Brian LaPierreCity Council - At Large
Jerry LeoneCity Council - Ward 6
Stephanie BurkeMayor
Adam KnightCity Council
Noel DiBonaCity Council - At Large
Anne MahoneyCity Council - At Large
Michael HurleyCity Council - Ward 4
Brian PalmucciCity Council - Ward 6
Doug GutroSchool Committee
Steve MorrabitoCity Council - At Large
John CorregioCity Council - At Large
Peyton CorbettMayor
Matt McLaughlinAlderman - Ward 1
Jesse ClinganAlderman - Ward 4
Fred HappelCity Council - At Large