2222 Endorses MNA Proposal

logo-safe-patient-limitsThe IBEW 2222 Executive Board voted unanimously at their June meeting to endorse The MA Nurses Association’s proposal for safe patient limits.

Today in Massachusetts hospitals, there is no law and no limit to guide the number of patients that can be assigned to a nurse at one time (aside from the ICU). Massachusetts hospitals are facing deteriorating patient care conditions, leading to more complications, readmissions, and errors, as well as longer hospital stays and real life-threatening risks.

IBEW 2222 is proud to endorse the MNA’s #SafePatientLimits proposal.

IBEW 2222 members, Please:

Visit www.PatientSafetyAct.com for more information
Click HERE to read a summary of the proposal
Click HERE to sign-up as a volunteer or to make a donation
Remember to VOTE YES this November #YESforPatientLimits