Action is needed by Governor Baker on Unemployment Extension for Locked-Out NGrid Workers


Local 12003 USW and Local 12012 USW have been locked out by National Grid for over six months.

On December 24th the Senate, under the leadership of Madam President Spilka and the House under the leadership of Speaker DeLeo, passed the unemployment extension bill for 1250 workers, and four thousand family members and future workers who might find themselves locked out for more than six months by another corporation either foreign or US owned.

The leadership of the Senate and the House can only be described as incredible. Each member of the House and Senate voted unanimously to place this bill on Governor Bakers desk.

Please Call Governor Baker’s office and ask him to sign the unemployment extension bill to protect locked out workers (617)725-4005. If you are unable to get through by phone, please send an email to the Governor’s Chief of Staff, Kristen Lepore-

Thank You!