Tele Con Ed Destroys Jobs

By Myles Calvey

Democrats have been listening to politicians talk about “working families” and “jobs, jobs, jobs” for decades – it’s part of nearly every campaign speech I’ve ever heard.
And believe me, I’ve heard my share going back to meeting Tip O’Neill in North Cambridge over 50 years ago. Since then I’ve worked as a telephone lineman, union organizer and elected labor leader with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

While Democrats are accustomed to hearing candidates talk about a good job being the best social program, incumbent U.S. Sen Ed Markey is asking Massachusetts for their support in next week’s primary in spite of the fact that his record features the counter-Democratic message of job destruction rather than job creation and low wages rather than good pay.

Back in the early 1990s, in the wake of the break-up of the Bell System, those of us in the industry predicted that consolidation rather than competition would come to the brave new world of telecom, especially as virulently anti-union wireless carriers came into the picture.

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