EIPP/Retirement Planning Webinar for VZ Members

These Financial Advisors have been recommended by members and retirees

The Volunteer Period for the current Special EIPP Offer has been extended to November 19, 2023 at 11:59 PM


Scarborough Alliance:

Margaret Pierce, New England Regional Manager for Scarborough Alliance, will be available to meet with all IBEW T-6 local members starting this weekend, Sunday, November 12th through next Sunday, November 19th, day and evening hours, at the IBEW Local 2222 office: 159 Thomas E. Burgin Pkwy, 3rd floor, Quincy, MA 02169.

To schedule a meeting in person or by phone, please contact Margaret at mpierce@scarboroughalliance.com or 508-415-9200.

The IBEW Local Unions Savings and Security Plan is a qualified defined contribution plan established in 1975 for IBEW members. The plan is overseen by the IBEW Trustees and offers members a qualified plan to roll over their Verizon Pension and Fidelity 401(K) assets. The investments and managed account options offered in the plan are overseen by the IBEW trustees. Scarborough Alliance is the only financial services firm that administers and acts in a fiduciary capacity under the plan for IBEW members.

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CLICK HERE to view a recorded webinar Margaret gave this week covering the Special Incentive EIPP offer and Scarborough Alliance for IBEW Members.



Raymond Wealth Management:

Raymond Wealth Management is hosting a retirement planning webinar at 6:00 PM on Monday, November 13, 2023. 
Steve Raymond, Founder, will address some common questions that retirees face including your pension options, the Special EIPP and other benefits. In addition to Steve’s experience working with Verizon retirees, his firm offers cost-effective investment solutions on an award-winning wealth management platform, recently named ‘Best in the Industry’ by Barrons and the Money Management Institute. We hope to see you there!

Monday, November 13, 2023, at 6:00 PM

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Steve Raymond has been helping labor unions and their members navigate the financial markets for nearly 25 years. For more than a decade, Steve has been helping Verizon IBEW members across New England retire with confidence. Steve has experience with Verizon EIPP offers, the Verizon Pension plan (including the monthly deadlines and the required paperwork), your 401k, and other retiree benefits. As an independent fiduciary advisor, Steve has access to retirement solutions to suit the unique circumstances of most any investor. During the webinar, we’ll explore common challenges facing retirees. We’ll discuss issues like social security, lump sum pensions versus annuity payments, and the importance of keeping an eye on investment fees! Attendees will have the ability to ask questions and get the answers you need. Visit us on the web at www.raymondwealthmanagement.com
Joan K, Norton Associates:

Investment Advisor Representative, Tracy Talbot will be scheduling in-person, one-on-one meetings with Verizon employees considering retirement.

Serving clients since 1987, Joan K. Norton Associates has proudly worked with Verizon Local 2222 members, their families, and their friends. Tracy has worked extensively with EIPP offers, Verizon pension plan paperwork, and 401(k)’s. As a fiduciary, Tracy puts the needs of clients first and foremost above all else –as it should be.

Retirement is a very personal and important decision –for you and your family. We believe it’s imperative to take the time to sit down and discuss all aspects of the decision. It’s not only about finances, but about expectations, the quality of your retirement, and plans for your future.

You’ve worked hard to get here. Let us help you get the rest of the way home.

Please see the attached flyer for more information.

Bolvin Wealth Management:
Gina Bolvin Bernaduci, from Bolvin Wealth Management Group, will be hosting live webinars for those considering the Special Incentive EIPP or those wanting to learn more about retirement planning. To register please email Karen at karen@bolvinwealth.com or call 617-348-2884