IBEW 2222 Committee On Political Education – C.O.P.E.

Our Goal Is 100% Participation In C.O.P.E.

The primary function of the Local 2222 Committee On Political Education (C.O.P.E.) is to elect men and women who aggressively work for pro-worker legislation.

The public leaders we elect to office make decisions that affect our lives. These lawmakers shape the laws that govern us, the taxes we pay and the services our government provides. By taking a lead role in federal, state, municipal and local elections, collectively, the labor movement can elect more pro-union candidates and subsequently create a more pro-worker political climate in the Commonwealth.

Not one dime of your dues money is used for political purposes.  All political monies come from donations to our C.O.P.E. Committee through voluntary payroll deductions. If you are not currently, please consider supporting Local 2222 C.O.P.E. – Your job may very well depend on it.  If you are already supporting, THANK YOU, and please consider increasing your donation.

Please CLICK HERE for a C.O.P.E. payroll deduction card.  A few bucks a week is a small price to pay.